Many of you know about Magic Hat. The lucky ones among you have had a chance to play it. But for the uninitiated, Magic Hat is my signature improvised, and comedic, pitch game that makes an appearance at almost all of my workshops and events. And, like the nerd that I am, I saved all of the game’s wacky business ideas over the past year just so that I could write this post.

The rules of Magic Hat are quite simple. Everyone writes down a funny or weird business idea on a piece of paper, folds it up, and puts it in the hat. Then, one-by-one, people come up to the front of the room, pull out an idea, and convincingly pitch the idea to the group – no matter how ridiculous it may be. That’s why the hat is magic, because you never know what obscure treasures are going to come out of it. And boy have there been some treasures.

So, without further ado, below are the 65 best Magic Hat ideas (in no particular order) out of the many hundred that were pitched throughout 2014. They’re yours to pursue if you think any of them have legs.

  1. Bacon-scented air conditioning system
  2. Fake ID vending machine
  3. Fast food restaurant serving insect burgers
  4. Netflix service powered by a treadmill
  5. Turkey-scented cologne
  6. Training classes for soon-to-be samurai warriors
  7. Bakery selling cakes covered with ham
  8. Bakery selling half-eaten muffins
  9. App to tell your friends when they’re being assholes
  10. Device that alerts you when you’ve drank too much
  11. Beer that makes you smarter
  12. App that lets you rate the quality of toilet paper in public bathrooms
  13. White noise machines for bathroom stalls
  14. Edible shoelaces
  15. Mittens with individual fingers and thumbs (a.k.a gloves)
  16. Parachuting bunnies for delivering engagement rings
  17. Pre-mixed cocktails for pets
  18. App that senses when you’re about to hit on someone and provides the perfect pick-up line
  19. Animal wardrobe advisory firm
  20. Web design classes for babies
  21. Thomas the Train brand e-cigarettes for kids
  22. Party planning service for chihuahuas
  23. Service that measures our coolness by how many Apple products we own
  24. Service to hire someone to seduce a significant other so you have a reason to break up with them
  25. Bras with heated cups
  26. Leather jogging pants
  27. Pre-chewed lunches for lazy people
  28. Uber for camel rides
  29. Phone shaped like an ear
  30. Shoes without soles
  31. Service for eliminating hipsters
  32. Service to test medical marijuana to make sure it’s “safe”
  33. Coats made from turkey feathers
  34. App to find and order a clown to your house
  35. App for tracking your pet’s bowel movements
  36. Landscaping service that sings to your plants
  37. Yelp-like website to review and complain about your coworkers
  38. Juggling classes for cats
  39. Flyswatter that tracks how many flies you’ve swatted and lets you compete with others over Wi-Fi
  40. Service to make you instantly fat so you’re ready for winter
  41. App that records all of the information about your dates so you don’t get mixed up
  42. Clothes made entirely from macaroni
  43. Phone that doubles as a whisky flask
  44. Twurkey – the twerking turkey toy for kids
  45. Swivel chair roller derby
  46. Climate-controlled bubble for bicycles
  47. Drone that delivers breakfast in bed
  48. Hipstagram – an app that tells you how hipster any product or object is
  49. Shapewear for men
  50. Backpack that surrounds you in a private, soundproof bubble at the pull of a string
  51. Lawn service that uses goats to both cut and fertilize your grass
  52. Live bumblebee eyeglasses
  53. Light-up handbags that display the tweets of passers by
  54. Service that allows workers to de-stress on their lunch break by playing with animals
  55. Bacon mouthwash
  56. App that flushes the toilet so you don’t have to touch the handle
  57. Manscaping salon for guys
  58. Premium, pay-per-use port-a-potties
  59. App to trade dinner left-overs
  60. Turkey suits for pigeons
  61. Bike-share service that uses horses instead of bikes
  62. Backwards megaphone that turns your voice into a whisper
  63. IKEA furniture assembly parties
  64. App that tells you if you’re too old to do something
  65. Service that lets you pay someone to wait in line for you at the Apple Store

What will come out of the Magic Hat in the future? It’s a mystery, indeed.