Hi, my name’s Siôn Owen (funny spelling, easy pronunciation: just like “Shawn”) – I’m a communication strategist, product marketer, and writer based in Chicago. I truly believe bad (and boring) communication has a huge effect on company productivity, morale, sales, and alcohol consumption. So I set out to fine-tune my communication skills while working with Fortune 500 clients at B2B tech companies (you know, those companies with products so complex they make superb communication skills utterly essential).

Working as a Product Manager gave me exposure to all aspects of the product life cycle, but what I really enjoyed the most was product marketing. I love figuring out the pitch – the perfect way to talk about a product so that people actually want to listen and learn more. And I love creating content that stimulates, rather than sedates, its audience. So, that’s exactly what I do now.

Having switched over to B2C communications, I’m currently a Senior Manager at BMW focused on communicating the BMW Connected and MINI Connected mobile apps to millions of customers across the globe. I also recently completed the Master of Science in Communication program at Northwestern University. In my free time I dabble in playing tennis, watching British comedy, eating fried plantains, and making fun of myself at every opportunity.

As a budding author, in 2015 I wrote my first book – it’s about killing mind-numbing presentations before they kill us first. If you’re in the business world, I’m sure you can relate to that little dilemma. Check it out on Amazon.